Introducing Clear Roleplay by EdgeGamers


Introducing Clear Roleplay (ClearRP for short) by EdgeGamers. A unique approach to bring our FiveM server a fresh public reboot. While you will find familiar faces around the city of Los Santos, interactions may be quite different. Three community pillars drive the roleplay environment - respectful, transactional, and storied roleplay. In addition to the work that's been done off server to dictate the interactions within city, there has been plenty of tinkering from a development standpoint to provide new mechanics for players to experience.

While a reboot date will be announced soon, we want to drop some key details to you.

New Name
We're excited to launch a unique new brand within EdgeGamers - ClearRP. Inner workings will still be the same, but the advertising and branding of our FiveM server will be different. Leaders, admins, members and dedicated supporters will all still be the same.

A Fresh Start
The server is open to the public and ready for you to join. Whether you're a returning player who played recently before this reboot or you're someone who hasn't been around town in quite a long time, we'd love to have you fly back into San Andreas to reconnect with old relationships or create new ones.

With the work that has been put into stabilizing the many economies present in the server (money, guns, items, cars) difficult decisions have to be made regarding characters current assets they have acquired and the story lines that have transpired from them. To put everyone on equal footing and seek long term stability, a full server wipe will occur. Assets, vehicles, houses, criminal records will be wiped and past beef between characters, groups and gangs are squashed. While characters may recognize familiar faces and the "good times" they've had together, everyone returns back from a long vacation to forge new relations or conflict ahead.

New Pillars and Rules
Community Pillars indicate the foundational items that the server is defined by. At its simplest, these pillars are the core guidelines that roleplay functions off of and the greater ruleset below is defined from. These community pillars provide a serious environment where roleplay interactions are valued and appreciated.
  1. Respectful Roleplay, Avoid toxic interactions and promote a positive environment.
  2. Transactional Roleplay, Interactions should be considerate of all parties rather than selfishly focused on oneself.
  3. Storied Roleplay, We play with long term interactions in mind versus speed-running an experience.
Every rule was looked at with these pillars and the player experience in mind. The pillars will drive high quality interactions while the new ruleset provides the room for players to explore scenarios comfortably and clearly.

A lot of work has been done to the infrastructure of the city. We're excited to tease some of it here but even more excited for you to discover more in the city.
  1. BUGS SQUASHED. Many bugs have been squashed for a more stable experience.
  2. BALANCE. Economy has been balanced to provide a better player experience.
  3. NEW HUD. Customization for the player.
  4. NEW PLAYER SELECT. Coded in house by our own Lucas7yoshi (he's done a'll see below).
  5. JOB UPDATES. Many jobs have received significant player updates.
  6. CRIMINAL DRUGS. Addition of a better drug market.
  7. CUSTOM WEAPONS. New unique weaponry.
  8. BLACK MARKET. A unique, coded in house, black market to be discovered.
  9. HEIST CHANGES. Armored trucks have been changed, coded in house, for a familiar yet new experience.
  10. NEW BOOSTING. Car boosting is a whole new experience.
  11. NEW RACING. Be ready to tear up the streets.
  12. HOTELS + HOUSING. Everyone needs a place to live...without a buggy experience.
See You Soon
While we're not releasing a date today, you can expect an announcement very soon. Keep your eyes on the homepage for our relaunch date - coming soon. For now, you can read more or ask questions in our FAQ thread in the Grand Theft Auto forum (

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I'm pretty exited for this. A lot of times on my breaks at work, I log into TikTok and I always see people streaming their GTA RP server and it looks awesome but I know we can do better because we're the best at everything.

Thanks to those involved in GTA, can't wait to play. :)
I cannot wait to get back to streaming, the clear RP name sounds actually really smooth, I think for branding it will work well, that said it seems like i got some thumbnails to update.
Ok, I’m interested. Considering this is the third reboot i’ve seen of this server, I hope you guys are successful in this new concept! I like the professional front for this post too btw… I was reading it and was thinking “yeah legend definitely wrote this” the whole time lol.