Important Event Karaoke Night Rules!

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Karaoke Night Rules

Gamers everywhere! We are glad you have chosen to partake in or have shown interest in our Karaoke Night!
To help keep the event fun and enjoyable for all, we have a few rules that must be observed.

Firstly, The event is open to the public, HOWEVER, during your entire time participating in the event, and after the event, we expect you to uphold the following rules.
We host the event in the Auditorium, found in the eGO Discord. Everyone may join the channel, however, you will notice you can't speak in the room unless you are "on the stage". Anyone may request to join the stage, but access to the stage is controlled by the event hosts. By being in the room, not just on the stage, you are agreeing to these rules.

Keep your mic muted while others are singing! We are a large community with many individuals who may be singing for the first time for other people. Especially strangers! Please have Push-To-Talk enabled or have it muted while it is another person's turn. Failure to do so will result in being server muted, or other actions as deemed fit by your event hosts.

Songs MUST Adhere to eGO Guidelines. Common sense! Of course, you can swear (as long as it's not excessive.) All and any slurs are not appropriate as this is an EGO event, and we shall ALL follow EGO guidelines. Intentionally disrupting the event will be handled at admin discretion. Think before you say!

Please keep your songs under about 5 mins. As much as we all would love to hear Bohemian Rhapsody, we do need to give a chance to all members to participate in the event. Remember, this is a community event! There are no spotlight solos!

Please let people know when you are done singing. So, Drop the mic, leave with an outro, make it memorable! Please indicate in some way reasonable that your song/turn is over so we may move on to the next person!

Only your hosts may control the Discord Music Bot during the event. You do NOT have to use the bot, you may sing a capella, But should you wish to use the bot, please allow the hosts to do so, and message the host controlling the bot with the link when you queue.

All other eGO Rules must be followed.

Now that we got that out of the way, Have FUN! this is one of the most important rules!
If this is your first time singing, make sure to let the hosts know, and you get a fancy award!

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