Awarding Immaculate!


Awarding Immaculate!

As we celebrate the holidays, Media LE would like to hand out a very special present to a very special individual who has been nothing but a blessing to this community since day 1.


Since joining Media LE back in May of 2022, Immaculate has been our ongoing early Christmas present for the entirety of the year. Hard work and dedication come built-in with this individual and there are no brakes on his train. Even helping keep the Media CM's in check and on track (sometimes ;)), Immaculate has shown us, and the community, that he is an exceptional leader with a knack for getting things done the best way possible. It has been a pleasure watching Immaculate grow and learn throughout his time as a Media Manager and Sr. Manager; and we are more than happy to work alongside him, every single day. Thank you Immaculate, for being our ongoing Christmas present, and we hope that you enjoy yours!

Congrats on the Platinum Commendation!

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Don't worry, be happy!
Senior Manager
There aren't enough words to fully express my affection and gratitude to this community and the wonderful people in it. You are all my inspiration and it continues to be my pleasure to game with you and contribute in anyway I can.

I'm humbled and speechless, but very, very thankful. Thank you all. πŸ’•

P.s., come join Meida Team and let's do beautiful work together.