CS2 Jailbreak Updates

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CS2 Jailbreak Updates
As you all know, the soft launch of the EdgeGamers Jailbreak server is live. As new bugs are found, the EdgeGamers tech team is patching bugs out daily and also adding new features. To help keep the dedicated members of our community up to date on our progress, the CS:LE team will begin posting breaking news posts on the updates made to our Jailbreak server.

Below are the updates and bug fixes made between February 1st and February 7th. Please note that the mentioned updates and bug fixes are items that are observable by the player. There will be several unlisted changes that have been made to the backend. If you want a full, unedited list of the updates, please click HERE.

Updates and added features:

Dead players can no longer talk via microphone.
SpyvSpy updated to latest version.
Kwejsi and vipinthemix added to the map rotation.
Re-enabled RTV.
Map on server startup will be random (This did not work as intended and was fixed.).
Rebellers will now turn red when dealing damage (rebelling).
Added warden paint (+use / E).
Added logs (!logs).
Added ability to change marker size (resize markers by double-clicking; once to set location and again to set size).
Added various admin commands.
Rebellers will now be shown in an info message when they rebel (turn red).

Bug fixes:
Fixed multiple issues causing server crashes.
Fixed rebel colors (red) not being reset on round end.
Fixed inconsistent warden colors.
Updated server to be compatible with recent CS2 update.

If you have suggestions or ideas you think would benefit the Jailbreak server, You are encourage to submit them

If you encounter bugs or other issues, please report them

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