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Councilman Polamalu

Policy archive from server staff providing clarifications to our server rules.

6/1/2023 @eXcOm_SoL

It has come to our attention that players have been dropping off their boost cars while mid chase with police. Please do not do this as it treads the line of powergaming and doesn't allow police any way to confiscate winnings regardless of arrest. Lose the cops and then drop the vehicle off to the destination. We shouldn't have to say more on the topic as it's pretty straight forward.

1/10/2023 Legend Legend
Rule Updates for 1/10/2023

Incapacitation + New Life

Rules have been updated to reflect the single incapacitation state and the removal of the dual state.
  • When incapacitated, players are expected to roleplay their injuries accordingly, including a reasonable state of pain / distress where it is warranted.
  • Players who receive further injuries while incapacitated (beaten, stabbed, shot while down) may present themselves as unconscious and shall have limited recollection of the events that led up to their incapacitation
  • Players who are incapacitated from a serious event (such as, but not limited to explosion, fire, high speed vehicle crash) may also present themselves as unconscious due to the severity of their injuries.

Vehicles, Proper Vehicle Utilization
  • Players should not use helicopters or aircraft without the proper education from a pilot or without possessing a license recognizing they are fit to fly.

Miscellaneous, Uncategorized
  • Radios shall not be used when downed or in handcuffs.

12/23/2022 Legend Legend
Rule Clarification - Robbery of EMS / Police

Police or EMS may not be robbed to steal utility off of them. Both of those jobs at the end of the day are occupied by roleplayers no different than any other job in our server. When they are put in situations where they are being held up for the sake of stealing their utilities or weapons it makes their experience feel more of a “server mechanic” than an actual player present for roleplay.

A pillar of our community is transactional roleplay.

Transactional Roleplay
Interactions should be considerate of all parties rather than selfishly focused on oneself.

When these players are engaged for the sake of robbery it is usually (and exclusively) to obtain medical supplies or PD weapons with little storied roleplay or justifiable reason.

Those who opt to rob Police or EMS may be subject to discipline and the forfeiture of any items obtained.

12/1/2021 | @Alex
Heists and robberies are in the server to facilitate different avenues of player interaction. While these options provide opportunity for cash to criminals, they shouldn't be viewed as an instant cash grab. It is the expectation that players put thought into a heist plan with a goal of being unique and creative. Heists and robberies should feel different for all players involved any time they are kicked off. When planning to initiate in these roleplay scenarios, please put ample thought to the entirety of the mission - not just looting and escaping as quickly as possible. Heists or robberies involving little player interactivity, plans should not immediately shut down roleplay; such as speeding into terrain inaccessible to vehicles on motorcycles, instantly running for subway tunnels, or doing an ocean / water dump are avenues that players should avoid as the only means of escape. This also includes taking a vehicle not suited for offroad travel into an offroad area. Does this mean these options are completely excluded? No. The leadership team asks that all players create comprehensive, potentially multi-tiered plans into their scenarios. If the end result is one of these options, or is used as a "last resort" that may be acceptable versus it being the first option.

10/22/21 | @Adam
I would like to direct everyone's attention at this post ( as it seems we are still having issues with individuals abusing the /scene system. Spamming /scene all over the place to communicate vulgarities to other players is not the intention of the script. I encourage everyone to re-read this post. Abuse of these systems will not be tolerated.

10/05/2021 | Legend Legend
The staff team has observed a pattern & trend of unnecessary and senseless “phase 2 downing” over the last couple of weeks. To curb this trend, we will begin observing this as low efforts in roleplay and will be admined as such. Phase 2 downing, per our guidelines, states that an individual will lose memory of the events that took place leading up to their phase 2. Senselessly, players have been using this to “send a message” without realizing … you forced the player to not even remember your interaction. Unless you have the roleplay to justify it, you shouldn’t be phase twoing people for the luls or to “send a message.” Not sure what message you expect them to receive in the end.

10/03/2021 | Legend Legend
We’ve caught wind of people abusing apartments in multiple fashions to sell drugs to locals in apartments or attempt to dupe items. Reminder that events like this are logged and you’ll be permanently banned for exploiting.

09/21/2021 | Legend Legend
Vehicles should not be used as weapons. This has been amended in the rules and will start being enforced moving forward.

09/20/2021 | Legend Legend
A Reminder To All Players
With the increase in players in the server this past week, I want to issue a reminder to all players on a few critical aspects that will contribute towards the positive roleplay environment we all seek to play within. It is the goal of the staff team who run this server to deliver an elevated level of roleplay and collaboration - hence why we are whitelisted.

Roleplay Over Gunplay: Both for civilians, and Law Enforcement this is critical. The basis of roleplay is communication and struggle. Where ever necessary it is crucial that players engage in conversation first before resorting to gunplay. Law Enforcement are required to give criminals an opportunity to talk themselves out of a situation (negotiate an out or talk to surrender) before opting to engage in shootout. Criminals should afford Law Enforcement the same opportunity.

Law Enforcement Are Not Server Mechanics, They’re Roleplayers: Members of Law Enforcement are not an expendable server mechanic. They should not be treated as such. Civilians or criminals are expected to provide Law Enforcement the same roleplay opportunity that they would expect in return when police are engaged with civilians. This means, Law Enforcement should be recognized as an authority and force within the city. Their position and word holds weight. They should not be treated as if they hold bow power. After all, no civilian is a god. Criminals should fear prosecution, and the full punishment of the law when it comes to their potential actions. The flippant treatment of cop kidnappings, and attempted assassinations should not occur regularly as the general public - criminals included - should fear harsh penalties. Law Enforcement should also be afforded the opportunity to respond to, negotiate with, and pursue criminals rather than cutting off all avenues of interaction. This can be recognized by hitting banks or shops and speeding away in fast sport cars before police even arrive. This would also include the classic “let’s send it into the ocean” strat.

Your Actions Should Have Purpose, Story, Reason: All actions that occur within our city should contribute towards your character development and your character story. This falls on both sides of Law Enforcement and Civilian/Criminal. A newly appointed Law Enforcement officer within the city should not come in as officer hot shot. Your development into your role is critical. This is no different than the average civilian entering the city. Civilians are expected to build their story based on their application background. No civilian should enter the city a godlike kingpin who fears none and has nothing to lose. Everyone within the city should feel as if they have everything to lose - this is why our “NVL” rule is in place. Individuals who are not living up to the expectations of valuing life OR are making decisions that do not live up to their player persona / story will be subject to staff coaching conversations or disciplinary action.

Accountability Is Up To You: All of us are accountable to our actions. No one is exempt from coaching or discipline. In the event that a player does not meet the expectations of the server, a report should be filed within the player report forum listed below. This will allow the staff team to have coaching conversations with those who need it and discipline those who do not meet our expectations of roleplaying on our server. We all need to be accountable for our roleplay. Keep each other honest and keep eachother in check.
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