Counter-Strike Global Offensive TTT Server What rules would you like to see added/changed?


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I have met with other players including admin trainers, admins, server specialists, and am currently discussing with other LE members about updating the TTT rule guide. At that meeting, we went over the current ruleset and added a few things that weren't included because they were added/re-added since the last TTT update as well as adding more questions to the FAQ and clarifications to the current ruleset. Their input was helpful and gave me a POV of what they want to see in the rules update.

Now, I am offering the same to those that play TTT regularly and would like to voice any clarifications, possible changes to current rules, or questions about the current rules and FAQ. Please stay respectful and you may have your response included in the upcoming rules update. Put some thought into it because this updated ruleset will stick around for a bit.

Note: some things may be repeated regarding what I already have updated in the guide. Also, if your suggestion isn't added then don't feel as if you weren't noticed with your response. Myself and other LE members will be reviewing all of these responses and will alter as we see fit.

This post will stay up for at least a few days so that everybody wanting to see a change to the ruleset gets a chance to respond (If you see this then feel free to mention this thread to players on the server so they have the chance to be heard as well).

Note 2: Admins, this update is to focus on the gameplay itself, so if you have a suggestion/clarification regarding policies or general admin questions regarding TTT then feel free to DM me via forum PM's or discord but please leave those out of this thread as I solely want to see gameplay suggestions.

Looking forward to your ideas and happy gaming!


Make Poison gun kosable:
So right now a traitor can shoot at you, in front of you with a poison gun but you cannot kos which is stupid. You can see the whole animation that the traitor shot you with the glock but you cannot kill them because its against the rules apparently.

Shields for everybody or remove it from RTD:
When doing the command !rtd /rtd you can get a shield from it. But it makes no sense because unless you are a CT the shield gets dropped at round start.

Add timebomb/damage beacon to prevent campers:
Everyone camps here and there, some do it more often than others and it becomes annoying sometimes. BUT NOT WITH THE NEW TIMEBOMB BEACON. It's a beacon that prevents players from camping. They go from camping to moving, losing calories and getting kills.
Just remember "vanish and the dirt is gone" aka "timebomb and the campers are gone"


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KOS should mean KOS. I made a thread going into depth about this, and there is feedback from a few people as well.
I guess my questions would be what is wrong with the current KOS rules and how would this suggestion improve them? I would like an answer to understand and possibly get another POV on it.

In my eyes, the current status of it is fine. Detectives are the only proven innocents by default and should purchase a DNA scanner to improve the innocent's chances of winning by scanning bodies. With the detectives being able to hand out these KOS's then that is also means for traitors to target them in a strategical way without going noticed. If innocents are allowed to follow inno KOS's then they would also follow traitor KOS's because they can and are allowed to if this goes through. This would ruin players' and admins' experiences by:
  • Mass amount of RDM reports (already see a ton on the daily as is).

  • Reduce suspicion in game because players will catch on and simply choose not to follow the KOS's (karma system would most likely be a factor in their decision). Overall, allowing inno KOS's to be followed would be pointless because players just won't follow them at a certain point.

  • Makes the detective role pretty much useless except for DNA scanner, cheaper tasers and health stations. This would also alter their ability to prove innocents because it'll just be a deathmatch server at that point so following a KOS won't be deemed as innocent or traitorous. This would also assume that innocents are allowed to prove other players to the server as well as traitors calling false proven's.

  • Traitors will get away with killing plenty of innocents if they just call their false KOS's strategically (would be cool to see because....strategy....,but it eliminates the fun in being a traitor IMO).

  • Would alter false KOS's not being deemed traitorous depending on what is going on in the server (t baiting, passing unID'd bodies, damaged them first, etc.). This would alter another rule, but if that is what you are going for then I can see that as well.

  • Traitors being able to be hunted by everyone at the start (Ex. traitor shoots innocent at round start and is seen by another innocent. That innocent calls the KOS and now the entire server, minus the first player that died, would have means to kill that player rightfully). This would result in much faster rounds (it's at a good pace IMO with the haste round feature included) and would result in players getting frustrated with dying and playing under more stress.

  • Karma system would ban many players (specifically newer players) because they hear a KOS and just kill these players without knowing any better. This is assuming that the traitors just KOS any player and allow for the innocents to kill them (which them most definitely will). This would also increase the amount of ban contests regarding karma bans. We already have a lot of contests that come through week by week or even on the daily, so potentially adding more of that work load outside of server isn't as appealing to LE.
  • Note: I know I mentioned not bringing up admin changes and to stick to server specific rule changes, but I am mentioning this because it potentially has a domino effect (most things do but I see this as a drastic example).
I probably have more reasons, but for now those are my thoughts on the matter. I really would like to see what your thoughts on the suggestion are. Good conversation starter!


Timebomb/beacon not only on campers but on delayers to. they deserve such pain like after 1 minute they get damaged 90 health so they learn their lesson


Here are some suggestions and changes I'd like to see.

Take a look at those two clips.
TTT non-suspicious player and not iding bodies.

Killing for Association​

6) Am I allowed to kill someone based off of association?
Yes, as you MUST kill for traitorous behavior and failure to do so can be considered traitorous.
This should be in the rules under Traitorous Behavior and Association needs to be cleared up in the Q&A or rules.

Killing for not Iding Bodies​

Not iding a body is as we all know traitorous behavior. However, it happens that innocents get killed, while tracking down or shooting a T, for standing next to an unid'd body which the Traitor just killed. Even though it is obvious that they are an innocent, others kill them solely for not iding. My proposal is that one should only kill for intentionally not iding a body like walking over or past it or killing one and not pursuing to id it.

My example is not the best but shows one scenario when you shouldn't kill for not iding a body.

Non-Suspicious Player​

  • Killing or injuring non-suspicious players, or the detective (unless it was line-of-fire or were attacked first) or a proven-player.
    Detail: A proven Innocent is someone you witnessed kill a Traitor, or tested as an Innocent. They are NOT proven by word-of-mouth.
My clip shows very well what I mean by this. I think that part should be removed or changed. Non-suspicious players are in my eyes only afks or players that you witnessed doing nothing all round.
  • Self Defense - attacking another player who has intentionally attacked you first (except line-of-fire) without valid reason.
I see a conflict between those two rules as well. A player defending himself, sometimes is presumed to be the traitor because they are shooting a non-sus player.


Suspicious Behavior
You should NOT kill carelessly and without reasonable or valid evidence or justification. You ARE considered to be careful and reasonable by identifying a number of suspicious acts below that would logically indicate they are a traitor:
The wording is weird, at least for me. In my opinion sus-behavior should only help to indicate traitors and one should only kill for traitorous behavior.



I very much agree with rainsun there because I got in an argument with another admin on TTT who said that association is not part of the rules (unless you maybe combine traitorious-behaviour).

Also I happen to be killed because I often prioritize killing the T instead of iding the body of a person that the T just killed (which I witnessed).
The rule for that could be something like “If a traitor is actively killing players in sight players must prioritize killing the traitor over any action” (Thanks to @OogaBooga).
If that would be implemented it could still be very difficult to tell and also be a useful strategy for Ts to cover up their murders and shot in a random direction.


I also would like to suggest another rule against teaming. What do I mean with "teaming"? Well just the act that two or more people are ignoring the fact that one of them is T while the other player(s) is/are Innocent.

It seems to be an unwritten rule since a long time. I saw people getting kicked and even banned for it even though its not written any where.


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I also would like to suggest another rule against teaming. What do I mean with "teaming"? Well just the act that two or more people are ignoring the fact that one of them is T while the other player(s) is/are Innocent.

It seems to be an unwritten rule since a long time. I saw people getting kicked and even banned for it even though its not written any where.
It depends on how they team but more often than not it counts under server disruption.

Personally, I think the rules about wallbanging, association, shooting others for shooting, and at what point should you kill someone for committing a large number of suspicious acts but no traitorous ones all be put down more strictly with FAQ examples so it's easier to understand.

And yes, I'm up at 3 am typing this...
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I made one post
I'm new on the server and don't know any rule... but it's okay! i'll do my best ;)

Respect to the rules we... you... i... must add a wallbang rule like once someone wallbang u u can shoot him back while he is shooting on u and u must stop cuz maybe someone on the other side is shooting on a T that was next to the wall or something.

About those inno's that join a team with a T because they're friends or just for a funny moment uhm... while they don't do any server disruption... why not? i mean i'ts just a funny moment they drop on you a R8 maybe M4S-1 nobody else is sawing while the T kills people and u as inno are killing other T's (obviously without ghosting) it'll be nice.

If a T threw a poisoned smoke how to act? D calls it's poisoned and u kill the guy who threw it? I think anyone should kill due a posioned smoke unless u as Inno saw a guy threwing it and going to prove it's poisoned because maybe some other T on other room threw a smoke and that's the poisoned and not the one u saw

Maybe should complain add "If anyone call himself a T u can kill him. Being Inno and calling it would be sanctionable. Why this? Cuz once u removed the call of Personal Space nobody got a chance to on last min f.e if a guy is aproxing u he killed every1 but bodies are not ided at least he can call something as "duel battle" i think on Jailbreak there's a Last Request something like that maybe(?

I hope you have understood me haha have a nice day guys ;D


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1) it's the size a freaking mini book
2) the admins/players argue that you MUST see but it doesn't sate it anywhere in the rules. The rules should reflect the questioning if it's rdm or not.

On to the rules.

All TTT rules are enforced by our [admins]'s at their discretion - if you have a problem or a concern with how a situation is being handled or need clarification on a rule, please contact a member of CS leadership or use the Contact Leadership section on the forums. Our rules are designed to create and maintain fun and fair game play.
All TTT rules are enforced by our [admins]'s at their discretion, this is easily manipulated in my opinion. It gives the punishments to be handled differently. If I'm an admin and I think I got rdm could be an instant kick vs if I'm admin and the situation was reversed could be I know I didn't rdm. I understand why because every case isn't the same but from my experience playing TTT this is the most abused mechanism.

TTT General Rules
Do not Random Death Match (RDM). You need sufficient evidence proving that a player is a traitor to kill them.
Doesn't say anything about seeing the act. Sufficient evidence stands out. Non-suspicious Behavior, Suspicious Behavior, and Traitorous Behavior could all be summed into one section that defines what sufficient evidence is.

Do not ghost - Giving out any information about the game to alive players using any method of communication.
To an above post. Traitors and Innocents workings together, in my opinion, is a form of ghosting.

Do not prop kill.
Do not door spam.
Do not prop surf or glitch on any map.
I'd sum this up as trolling, it would include other things too. Though surfing doesn't really fall into it.

Do not kill players based off of sound, location, or weapon. You must have DEFINITIVE proof to kill a player.
This is redundant as it should be specified in what is traitorous or sufficient evidence.

Detective Rules:
Must be actively pursuing the round and may not camp/delay.
May not present a player as a traitor without a valid reason.
May not kill a player for disobeying orders.
Need 1 DNA scan on a dead innocent body or detective body before calling a Kill on Sight (KOS) on a player.

Innocent Rules:
Must be actively pursuing the round and may not camp/delay.
May not present a player as a traitor without a valid reason.
May not traitor bait - making it look like you are a Traitor when you're actually an Innocent.

Traitor Rules:
Must actively attempt to complete the objective and may not camp/delay.
May not kill or damage other Traitors unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).
These are redundant as the info should be in the general rules or under "behavior". It's saying the same information that's in an other section making the rules longer and more confusing to read.

Non-suspicious Behavior
Suspicious Behavior
Traitorous Behavior
Most of this can be condensed. If you know someone needs to do traitorous behavior than the other info in redundant for the most part. I mean if you can't kill someone for suspicious behavior why is it even needed? You have behaviors you can kill on and ones you can't. I think innos should be able to call KOSes. If someone trolls with it get rid of them. If the dets that takes a lot of the game on innos making calls.

I suggest something like:
TTT General Rules
-Do not Random Death Match(RDM). Please see SECTION OR HYPERLINKED on what is considered KOSable.
-Do not Ghost. (Giving out information to who the Traitors are or working with the opposite team.)
-Do not Troll. (This includes prop killing, door spamming, glitching maps, t-baiting, etc...)
-Do not delay the round on purpose.
-No Racism, Discrimination, or anything of that nature.
-Be Respectful to all Players.
-Please leave any issues out of chat or voice and report it to an admin using @text.

-KOS by Detective (again my opinion should innos can kos and if people troll with it get rid of them)
-Walking past an unidentified body
-Killing another player (give them a chance to id the body)
-Destroying the Traitor Tester or Health Station
-Going in T Rooms or activating T Traps

If needed another section that lists common things people kill for that shouldn't be kosable

Some of my opinions that should be kosable:
-If no T's are dead and someone has a T wep on a map where you can't pick one up. It would indicate they bought it or got it from a friend who's a T.

-An inno who get's shot at by another inno saying "why did you shot/at me?" or something related. Big chance they're saying that because they're questioning "rdm" else the normal reaction is to shoot someone shooting at you.'

-YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEE AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE LOGIC. @OogaBooga, tagging you so it's explained. I'm not calling you out. He called me out one map for rdming him because I didn't see him kill someone in the vent. Here's the thing from location, sound, etc. It's a collection of everything, right? I heard the noise in the vent, which is clearly a different sound than the wood. I seen bullets coming out of the vent. AND if you back far enough from the vent your angle of escape routes creates a triangle. So I know anyone who goes in and out. That would be proof from logic based of elimination. It's different than killing off of sound or location. Hearing an awp going off on the right side of the map, so you kill the first person you see to the right with an awp would be RDM.

Not saying you have to kill someone for doing these things but it's pretty much proof.

That would make the rules much simpler and easier to read. Right now it seems like there's 4 lines each in a different section saying the same thing.

@bakr if you like any of this, give me ftp access and I can update it myself so you relax.
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I think we need a new class, maybe limit to how many times per match. maybe the "Hitman" class? seems like a good idea plus the t room camping. maybe making health losing faster? so less camping. and also some new maps please. up to the creators ofc but maybe a prison map? or a farm or something you know..


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I want to reiterate that these changes will be on the TTT ruleset alone. This does not regard server updates such as modifications to the gameplay itself like adding or removing items/areas, health loss, or map additions.
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This is just a small note, but I think association could be stated more clearly in the rules. What qualifies as association, at what point is it considered traitorous behavior or suspicious behavior, etc. I can't seem to find much info on this in the rules and from what I've seen lately, a lot of players have conflicting ideas on what association is/when it's allowed.