ClearRP FiveM Server Grand Opening


If you missed our announcement of Clear Roleplay, our relaunched FiveM server, you may want to collect the details here.

Introducing Clear Roleplay (ClearRP for short) by EdgeGamers. A unique approach to bring our FiveM server a fresh public reboot. While you will find familiar faces around the city of Los Santos, interactions may be quite different. Three community pillars drive the roleplay environment - respectful, transactional, and storied roleplay. In addition to the work that's been done off server to dictate the interactions within city, there has been plenty of tinkering from a development standpoint to provide new mechanics for players to experience.

In that announcement, we instructed everyone to stay tuned for announcement coming soon on our launch date. We're excited to announce that the server will officially be reset and opened on...

November 25, 2022

Specific launch time will be announced on our Discord following work from our development team. As we gear up and prepare for the relaunch, there are some resources you'll want to look over to ensure you're ready to roleplay. Below are a list of links of critical information to review before joining the server.

🔗 Official Server Announcement

🔗 Reset Frequently Asked Questions

🔗 Official ClearRP Server Rules

🔗 ClearRP Discord

We're excited to see everyone join us for the server relaunch.

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⚔️ EGO Dictator ⚔️
Congrats guys and good luck with the launch. I’ve been itching to get back into FiveM so this might win me over lol.