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EdgeGamers Updates! - April 25th, 2021
Can you believe it's Spring already? Time flies when you're having fun. We want to thank all EdgeGamers Members for your continued support in keeping this community a fun place to be. A lot has happened over these past few months, and we're not even halfway through the year yet. If you missed any important news or changes, we have some links and information below for you to read and check out. Thank you again to every last one of you here in this community for making it what it is!


- release of Battlefield 6
- hopefully getting the servers back

Call of Duty
Call of Duty Discord has decided to close; thank you to all the players, admins, and leaders of the community who devoted their time and effort to Call of Duty

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
- AWP Server released
- New Maps for all CSGO servers
- Custom plugins for all servers
- More DS perks added
- Expanded server specialists (feel free to apply)
- Expanded the mapping team (feel free to apply)
- Hosted a 2v2 event
- @Belt and @Spare Promoted to Manager
- @Custom Stats Promoted to Community Manager
- @Semo Promoted to Senior Manager

Counter-Strike: Source
- Improved hit registration

Destiny 2
- Discord artwork rework
- Clan rankings have been restructured

Grand Theft Auto
- Constant Updates bringing new life to Los Santos
- Constant Improvement in day to day life and operations of Los Santos
- The addition of Grand Theft Auto Gaming

- @Jynx Promoted to Manager of Socials
- @webby Promoted to Community Manager of Media Team
- @Kamron Promoted to Video Production Manager
- Stream Team Announced & Underway
- Socials thriving, follow @EdgeGamers on all platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

Member Services
- Chess tournament;1st Place @Architect of Life, 2nd Place @Acies1, and 3rd Place @Kestker
- Member Relations first meeting held in March, about twenty-five attendees
- Constantly fine-tuning the program
- Looking forward to seeing everyone there

- Token event where you can transfer money/progress to the new maps
- All info is here https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/362104/
- The end of 1.16 will be soon which means something new will be releasing

- Upgrading the server slots to 150 on May 6th!
- Doing this will remove it from your favorites
- Make sure to add the server back with the IP:
- Server Hardware will also be improved with less lag and rubber-banding
- Added AutoBuy UI allowing you to create, edit, and save kits with an interface now
- Can now spawn with auto buy kits of your choosing
- @AdurpAdurp also switched to Rust
- @Godzilla Promoted to Community Manager
- @kwamaking Promoted to Senior Manager

- After 6 months, EdgeGamers has ended support for Squad; thank you to all the players, admins, and leaders of the community who devoted their time and effort to Squad

Team Fortress 2
- Servers are improving as you read this
- Server player count is improving as well as ranks are improving
- Started a competitive team
- Played in a friendly community
- The first match went poorly but most players couldn't make it
- Contact @PastryFoxy if you're interested in joining
- 2 events every week with Blackmesa on Sunday and CTF on Tuesday
-Hopefully 3 a week in the near future
- Constantly looking for admin trainers message @Jeff7890110 if you are interested

Tech Team
- Discord Maul Integration, done
- Forum Updates done as well just need to test a bit more
- Internal Infrastructure Changes, reworking and reorganizing internal Gitlab as well as further automating better methods for containers deployments
- Tech Applications; reworking them to standardize the process of new applicants and establish onboarding procedures
- Continued support of all games
- Hopefully, clear up all backlog in bugs and Suggestion forums
- Also increase the community communication

World of Warcraft
-No News

World of Warships
- Alpha Division reached typhoon league
- Bravo Division reached storm league
- Very excited for the upcoming King of the Sea Competition later this month
- Thanks to everyone for the patience

- @Wish Promoted to Community Manager
- @EDisch222 Promoted to Senior Manager
- @Star Promoted to Manager and is now in charge of the EC team
- @Wahtur Promoted to Manager
- Hosted a 3v3 tournament
- Looking forward to more in the future
- Discord activity is growing and improving
- With the help of @Wish and @Star the contender's team has been greatly improving
- New staff and roster has the team looking incredible for the upcoming Contenders season
- First match on the 26th against Odyssey at https://bit.ly/3gr6Ltu
- Any team updates can be found at https://twitter.com/WispGGs


1/5/2021 - EdgeGamers Enters Overwatch Path to Pro
2/13/2021 - EdgeGamers & HeLLsGamers Colab
2/28/2021 - Overwatch Open Division Champions
3/8/2021 - Godzilla Community Manager Promotion
3/10/2021 - Overwatch Introduces WISP
3/11/2021 - CS Leadership Promotion
3/15/2021 - Star Leadership Promotion
3/22/2021 - Wish Community Manager Promotion
3/25/2021 - webby Community Manager Promotion
3/31/2021 - Easter Promotions
4/5/2021 - New AWP 24/7 Server
4/6/2021 - Stream Team Announcement
4/10/2021 - Member Relations Meeting
4/14/2021 - Rust Server Upgrade
4/21/2021 - Rust Discord Announcement
4/21/2021 - Wahtur LE Promotion
4/22/2021 - Kwamaking Senior Leadership Promotion

Art: @december @heidi | Writing: @Nick @Snowy @Xpect | Editor: @Martin @webby

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