Official eGO Community Clip Submission!

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Mindless Self Indulgence

We want YOUR clips! Media Team relies on the community for clips, and without you, we cannot produce entertaining content for eGO.

Anyone with clips can submit them below!

Important note: We cannot guarantee you will be credited unless specifically requested.
By submitting clips, you are allowing US to use them on any of our platforms going forward.

Video Guidelines:
  1. Please follow eGO's Code of Conduct for every video.
  2. Cussing is NOT permitted in any videos.
    • If there is, please put the timestamp(s).
  3. Good quality for audio and video.
  4. Please use appropriate imagery/graphics.
  5. Clips uploaded to Google Drive are preferred.
    • Although, we accept alternatives to this regardless.
What will my clips be used for?
We utilize clips for several different areas of content.
  1. Our Youtube series, server advertisements, and background footage!
    1. Frags of The Month!
    2. Meet The Leadership
  2. Help make our TikTok great!
    1. Press 'TikTok' when submitting clips.
    2. Funny and entertaining clips work best.
  3. Our various other forms of social media.
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram

Are you interested in helping us create new content for our platforms?

Apply for Media Team HERE!

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Please direct any questions about clip submissions or the Media Team to Media Leadership.
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