Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This general set of rules must be followed on all EdgeGamers hosted servers or related resources.

  1. No disrespect tolerated; includes excessive swearing and the use of any racist, sexist, or homophobic term(s).
  2. All names, sprays, and avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
  3. No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits, or hacks of any kind.
  4. No server disruption; includes mic/chat spamming, trolling, or intentionally interfering with teammates (griefing).
  5. No recruiting for other servers or communities.
  6. No names, messages, or sprays that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism, or religion.
  7. No impersonation of any members in EdgeGamers.
  8. No arguing with or pestering admins.
  9. Admins have final say.

This is our fundamental ruleset, but most of our servers also have specific rules you must follow as well.

Last updated on 11/17/18 by Legend.

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