Our Structure

Understanding Our Structure

EdgeGamers utilizes a ranking hierarchy to effectively administrative our multitude of servers, programs, events, and ensure the community runs without a hitch.


=(e)= members are recruits and full members of the community. They are usually new members within the community and are likely still learning how EdgeGamers functions. They are held to higher standards than regular pubs on our servers. Although admin is not given at this point, they are watched closely to see who is capable of being an admin.


=(eG)= admins are probationary admins with limited admin ability. These members have read and signed off on our rules and admin regulations. We entrust these individuals to uphold our conduct on our servers and provide a fair, punk-free environment to all guests and members alike.


=(eGO)= admins are masters of mature gaming. These members know how to respond to almost all situations or how to contact the right people if they don't. They have the tools needed to maintain punk-free servers and help teach others these important disciplines.


Advisor is a non-leadership level position consisting of senior ranking eGO admins who have proven their ability to excel with the responsibility of upholding the values of EdgeGamers. Advisors know the ins and outs of what it means to be an admin and acts as a role model to our admin base. In addition to their expertise in admining, they are entrusted with more responsibilities to guide other team members, admins, or members to achieve the games, teams, and community's goals.


Managers are experienced members, essential to keeping EdgeGamers running. They are the first level of leadership and are the GO-TO people in the event of a problem. They often head key areas of a division, such as training, recruiting or events, and report to their Senior Management.

Senior Manager

Senior Managers are high level, front-line leadership for each division, subordinate only to Community Managers, who they report directly to. They are wise, trusted members, often relied on for advice about community-wide matters.

Community Manager

Community Managers are ultimately responsible for the day to day operations on a global scale for our community. Each Community Manager oversees and represents a certain aspect of the community providing guidance and direction to meet the necessary goals for EdgeGamers' success, and are entrusted with guiding the general direction of EdgeGamers by giving wise counsel to the Executive team.


The Director Team consists of the Director of Operations and Director of Systems. The Director of Operations ensures all EdgeGamers teams are running properly, pushes new ideas to the forefront of the community, and manages the Community Managers. The Director of Systems manages all EdgeGamers resources, servers, and tech infrastructure.


The Executive Team consists of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. Collectively, the CIO, COO, and CEO drive the direction of the community and ensure the proper individuals are staffed on the Community Management team to ensure the continued growth of EdgeGamers. These individuals hold the highest seat in the community and provide final judgment on policy and change.

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    Mar 29, 2021
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