Minecraft Events: Deathrun!


Minecraft Events: Deathrun!

You're just minding your own business when SWOOSH! Suddenly, you're teleported to an unknown area where you're forced to run away from those who are hunting you down with desperate and deadly intentions. They have set and activated traps in an attempt to stop you. Maneuver their tricks and obstacles through levels towards freedom and save yourself from an unfortunate and untimely demise!

But first, you have to...RUN!!!

Monday May 20th, 2024 - 7PM CT/8PM ET
Tonite! Tonite! Tonite!


How to Attend:
Join our 1.20.4 server at mine.edgegamers.com in Bedrock or Java! Use the command /server events OR go through the portal at spawn. Right-click the sign for today's event. Additionally, join us in the discord at https://discord.gg/edgegamers

Art: @Ultralight | Writer: @Spock

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