2022 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers


2022 Recap: Thank You EdgeGamers

Tootleoo ‘22, oh my has this ever been one heck of a year. With the remaining mandates of the big bad Covid-19 being lifted, our EdgeGamers are outside exploring and socializing once again! que zelda chest opening sound (or are they?) On behalf of the media team here at EdgeGamers, let's take a stroll down memory lane and fondly look back at the events that took place in our community over the past year!

Leadership Quotes!
"What's been your team's biggest achievement in the year 2021?"

@Star : "Overwatch as a division's greatest achievement this year was definitely the move to Overwatch 2 and the Discord rebrand."

@DrkChocolate : "We have updated, added, and organized most all of our documentation that has been out of date for years."

@Architect of Life : "The achieved goal of expansion to meet the vision of the team, and the community, be it the movement towards the Member Relations team to a more passive component, or the implementation of Community Outreach, an evolution of the previous Contributor Program, or even the environment of a fun event, it has been a year of consolidation and steady expansion in which we have gained steam." (It should be noted that he was proud that this was one sentence)
@b t : "Member services' greatest achievement this year has been adjusting to a new face of eGO. We have lost many faces, not just in Member Services but across the community; the community and its culture is changing massively. Despite this, Member Services has gone beyond their due diligence to support the needs of the community"

@Jayy : "Our biggest achievements were definitely DDZ, Nonya, SexySteven, Sopheyy, MSWS and the rest of the Tech Team as their dedication to our servers has improved everyone's experience and will continue to make other peoples time on our server more and more fun."

@Belt : "One of our biggest achievements this years was promoting all of our managers to play a bigger role within the community. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make the progress Counter-Strike has made in 2022. Firstly, we would like to recognize @Skle. This individual has done so much tech work for our servers. As the newest manager, he has proved that he can work just as hard, if not better, than the rest of the team. He has helped with countless updates and took lead in getting the Rotation Server released. @Jacko. This person has become the leader of the Jailbreak server. He has constantly helped keep the Jailbreak server fresh and exciting, whether it’s pushing a new map out, a new fun feature, etc. He also took charge in leading the mapping competition. @Left. This person has greatly helped with our tech team. Ever since focusing on the tech side of Counter-Strike, he has illustrated that he is one of the most knowledgeable people within Counter-Strike. He has helped with finding new plugins for our servers as well as updating each server. @Daddy Succ. This person has taken lead with the AT team. He was the person we go to if we needed to consult any rules or rule changes. He has also helped with training as well as dealing with forum reports and contests. @Trinity this person has helped all around within the team. Trinity has a hand in every area: She has lead the AT team by training the new ATs and admins. She has dealt with the forum duties of reports and appeals. She has refined the rules of the servers. She has helped with Surf issues. @blank_dvth Lastly, we have this individual who has contributed a great amount of time to all aspects Counter-Strike. Blank has fixed numerous bugs, programmed a lot of updates, and has consistently worked on server issues with no break. He is the reason why the rest of the team can break. @Immaculate. Even though he isn’t part of our team, he has dedicated time improving our Source server. He came up with new DS perks, helped with keeping our source admins up to date with the rules, and also led the new Rotation Server project with all its features. We would like to thank all our managers for putting in so much effort into keeping Counter-Strike at its best!"

@Spare : "Our biggest achievement was staying a strong team in leadership, the AT team, the EC Team, the Advisors, all the Server Specialists, and all the admins on the servers and building off those who left. "

@Oblixion : "I think it’s obvious that our greatest success this year has been our rebrand, but we’ve also achieved many other successes worth mentioning. One being our teams growth. We’ve welcomed many new faces with great talent ranging from developers to event coordinators, etc. All these key members are allowing us to bring on new and unique twists to the server which help us standout from the many. Finally, I’d say in general, despite the decline we saw early 2022, we managed to pick ourselves up and get things back on track for the final quarter of 2022 and into the new year thanks to the great team which stands behind our server."

@heidi and @webby : "Media is very proud of how we have stayed consistent with our projects and have been getting them out on a timely manner throughout the course of 2022. Media is also happy that Frags of the Month has received very good feedback throughout the community, and we are ecstatic to continue the series into 2023! We are also proud of how the gameshow "Tic-Tac-eGO" did and how well it turned out. We are pleased with all of the new faces that have joined us in the year 2022, and are looking forward to working our butts off for the year 2023!"

@redchance : "In 2022, Rust has improved the look of our graphical user interface, released some new features that encourage player activity, and migrated our server to a new framework allowing for more consistent wipes, and more frequent updates. We are already beginning to see a buff to player population as a result of these updates."

@GrumpyCatJen : "Making a concise plan for the future of EdgeGamers Minecraft as a welcoming community, and beginning that vision with a back-to-basics Survival server. On that same token, we seek to bring back the next-best classic as soon as we can: the Minecraft Events Server."

@Tea : "Our teams coming together and making miracles happen in the span of a couple weeks. The support I saw given and received from the teams while making the 1.19 server was overwhelming and has made me so much more confident for future maps."

@BUTTERLOVER7683 : "Minecraft’s greatest achievement this year has been building its foundations back stronger. Bringing on a bigger leadership family and going back to basics on our servers will see Minecraft thrive well into the future."

Community Quotes!
"What was your favorite memory on the eGO servers in 2022?"

@BeastTheNinja - Good question... but mostly late nights on TTT where all the fun is starting and where we can enjoy being ourselves instead of admining constantly

@soltemperat - From 2022? i forgot if it was this year, but it was pretty funny when quake kept crashing on csgo jb cuz of flashes. either that or when jb went hog rida mode

@Mr. Leprechaun - Playing with new people since I joined ego only this year

@Goosesk - Gaming on the epic hyper Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious poggerschamp 1.19 minecraft server

@D_mo08 - Getting slapped by admins

@Exvious - I would have to say when dragon (a prior cs ttt admin) and ABC would just bicker and throw words with some of the funniest stuff. They were good friends, miss those two.

@Bogurt - "bt goes swimming" iykyk

@aspen - Getting second place in 2v2 OW tourney

@Vane - Jon doenuts intros when he takes warden with the NFL music

@anime - My favorite memory with eGO would have to be joining after taking a break and seeing how every young player that played previously, become young adults. It was really interesting seeing how peoples manners and traits changed or carried over into their start of real world life. The memories made with some of those players who I believ will become life long friends and will continue even after the downfall of eGO (If that would ever happen).

@Spock - Gotta say when playing OW2 for the first time and getting kills as a medic with other ego members

@aln - I think my favorite memory overall is definitely the community here, that's what has kept me here the longest. I've made a bunch of friends throughout the months, and i just feel like i belong in such a community!

@Shibkuh- I think when the community on bhop showed up out of nowhere, our top 10 players showed up and everyone treated them like celebrities. Was just a cool thing to watch all these people wanting to learn from the best.

What Happened In EdgeGamers?


Posts were not made for some who received promotions or other forms of recognition. We appreciate each and every person for their contributions to the community. Your efforts are known and we thank you for doing what you do! :B

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